Hillary Brooks Houle

English Teacher
Co-Director of Mentoring Program for Faculty New to EHS
Light and Shadow– Literary Magazine Advisor
(713) 512-3474 | Email

B.A., American University
M.A., Johns Hopkins University

At EHS since 2006
Teaching Advanced Creative Writing, Creative Writing, and Short Fiction

What attracted you to EHS?

When I was fourteen, I remember thinking that EHS was the perfect place for me because it was a newer school with a passion for the arts. I found a sense of belonging within the four pillars.

What was most appealing to you in teaching at EHS?

I have such incredible memories from my time as a student at EHS. When I was given the opportunity to teach here, I proudly accepted, knowing that I could help foster the same love of learning that my teachers shared with me. It is such an honor to now teach alongside the very people that inspired me.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at EHS?

My students! Their spirit and energy in the classroom make teaching fun. I love it when they realize how much they’ve grown through writing or the stories we’ve read. That’s the best kind of lesson—when the students never even realized that they were stretching themselves, learning new skills, and succeeding because they were caught up in the joy of the experience.