Expectations During a Campus Closure

This method of learning and instruction involves a lot of self-discipline, maturity, patience, flexibility, and a high level of responsibility. With your cooperation and focus, we will be able to have productive and engaging classes with high levels of participation as we would if we were on campus! To help you understand what is expected of you, here are some guidelines.

General Expectations

  • Be available to return to campus within one day for the reopening.
  • Check your EHS email at the start of the school day at minimum. An email will be posted each morning at 7:30am that will provide the day’s schedule and any announcements. Use only school email and school-approved text services.
  • Meet each class by period, following the normal daily schedule, unless otherwise specified. Attendance will be taken at the start of class and during advisory, chapel, and class meetings. Students should remain available during class, though teachers may not require students to actively participate in a meeting for the entirety of the class period.
  • Participate in Chapel, advisory, extracurricular, and grade level meetings.
  • Appropriate clothing should be worn at all times, especially whatever may be visible in video conferencing. For instance, pajamas are not acceptable.
  • During class, students should be seated in an appropriate workplace (such as a desk or table).
  • During class, teachers will check in with students periodically. Students should remain available for chat or video conferencing and respond as quickly as possible when prompted.
  • In general, students should mute their microphone during meetings and video conferences unless asking a question or responding to the discussion. If the camera is on, it is recommended that all participants utilize the “blur background” feature in video conferencing.
  • Abide by the EHS Honor Code and Code of Conduct at all times, especially in regard to appropriate computer use and cyber-security.

Class Expectations

  • At the start of class, sign into Microsoft Teams and join our class “meeting” (video conference) for attendance and to receive instructions for class that day.
  • The teacher may request that your camera be turned on or off. He/she may ask that you turn your camera on at different points in the class or to share your screen so that we may collaborate.
  • Your microphone should be muted and remain muted during class, except when you are actively talking (i.e. asking or answering a question).
  • Throughout class your teacher will periodically check in with you and will be available for you to direct chat or video conference to ask questions.

Stepping Away During Class

It is best to take care of your needs outside of class time, but if you must step away for a moment, please choose an appropriate time to do so and change your availability status by clicking on your profile icon in the top right corner of the Teams screen and setting your status to “Be Right Back”. Reset your status to “Available” when you return.