Mulrat Yildirim

Mathematics Teacher
Assistant JV Girls’ Soccer Coach
(713) 512-3467 | Email

B.S., Bogazici University, Turkey
M.S., University of Houston
M.A., University of Houston

At EHS since 2018
Teaching Geometry and Precalculus

What are some qualities of an exemplary student in your class?

The respectful student who pays attention, asks relevant questions, and puts in effort during class to understand the material and after the class to finish the assignments on time will succeed in my class.

What was a favorite learning experience of yours and why?

The workshop I went in Dallas for first year teachers is a favorite learning experience of mine. I met many first time teachers and it was helpful to hear about their experiences.

Who has been a major influence in your life and how?

My kids have been the biggest influence in my life. I make every decision considering how it will affect them.