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e-Learning Guidelines &
Expectations During a Campus Closure

This method of learning and instruction involves a lot of self-discipline, maturity, patience, flexibility, and a high level of responsibility.  With your cooperation and focus, we will be able to have productive and engaging classes with high levels of participation as we would if we were on campus!  To help you understand what is expected of you, here are some guidelines. 

General Expectations 

  • Attendance will be taken at the start of class and students should remain available during class.  Please do not schedule appointments during class time. 
  • Check your EHS email, Microsoft Teams, Canvas and the portal at the start and end of the school day at minimum.  Use only school email and school-approved text services (Microsoft Teams and Canvas).  In addition to having Microsoft Teams and Canvas Student on your laptop, desktop, and/or tablet, make sure to download both apps to your cellular device from your respective app stores.
  • Feel free to reach out to your teachers outside of class if you have additional questions beyond tutorial time.  Don’t be surprised if they reach out to you one-on-one as well. 
  • During class, teachers will check in with students periodically. Students should remain available for chat or video conferencing and respond as quickly as possible when prompted. In general, students should mute their microphone during meetings and video conferences unless asking a question or responding to the discussion. If the camera is on, it is recommended that all participants utilize the “blur background” feature in video conferencing.  
  • During class, students should be seated in an appropriate workplace (such as a desk or table).  
  • Abide by the EHS Honor Code and Code of Conduct at all times, especially regarding appropriate computer use and cyber-security.  

Class Expectations 

  • At the start of class, sign into Microsoft Teams and join our class “meeting” (video conference) for attendance and to receive instructions for class that day. 
  • The teacher may request that your camera be turned on or off.  He/she may ask that you turn your camera on at different points in the class or to share your screen so that we may collaborate.  
  • Your microphone should be muted and remain muted during class, except when you are actively talking (i.e. asking or answering a question). 
  • Throughout class, your teacher will periodically check in with you and will be available for you to direct chat or video conference to ask questions. 
  • Some days the class may work together in the class meeting, and on other days you may be instructed to work independently on the assigned activity.  
  • Class activities and assignments may include lecture, discussion, group work, review games, independent practice, online homework or assessments, and virtual labs/simulations. 
  • At the end of class, the class may regroup.  The teacher may assign homework, ask you to share with the group what you worked on that day, instruct you to upload a picture or submit your assignment electronically. 
  • It is best to take care of your needs outside of class time, but if you must step away for a moment, please choose an appropriate time to do so.  You can also message your teacher using the “Chat” feature letting them know you need to step away for a second and let them know when you return.

Grades & Homework

  • You will receive grades on assignments and daily grades for participation during class. 
  • Assignments, quizzes, labs, assessments, etc. will be posted on EHS Canvas, Teams, and/or the Portal.
  • Most assignments or graded activities will be submitted electronically.
  • Please remain diligent in your studies and reach out to your teachers if you need additional assistance or work with the material.

Dress Code (proper background and attire while on-line)

Please be aware of what is in your room when you are on camera.  Look for items that might be inappropriate or distracting to others.  It may be as easy as moving your computer to the other side of the table.  Students are still expected to dress appropriately during their virtual class sessions.  Students are expected to dress and be groomed in a respectful and appropriate manner. 

The following is acceptable for students to wear: (1) a t-shirt, polo, or sweatshirt, (2) appropriate shorts, pants, or skirts, and (3) sweats in good condition. 

The following is NOT allowed: (1) tank tops, halter or spaghetti-strapped tops, (2) any shirt or blouse exposing any area above the waist, (3) any shorts, or skirts that could be considered revealing or distracting, and (4) any item of clothing with inappropriate writing (i.e. advertising alcohol, drugs, political messages, etc.)

Technical Difficulties 

Your teachers and the Technology Department (edtech@EHSHOUSTON.ORG) will be available throughout the school day if you have questions or issues.  If you send an email because you are having trouble, please be clear and descriptive about the problem and include screenshots of any error messages you receive. 

The Honor Code and the Code of Conduct

The EHS Honor Code and the Code of Conduct remain as our standard for the virtual classroom.  Disruptive or disrespectful behavior, including comments, and dress code violations may cause a teacher to remove a student from that day’s virtual classroom.  If this action occurs, faculty will notify the appropriate Dean, who will notify the student’s parents via email, and appropriate corrective discipline will occur.