You were born to STAND OUT.

At EHS, we know exactly how to tap into that special talent or passion that makes you, you. Or as we like to call it, your inner genius. With our mix of academics, arts, athletics, and religion (a.k.a the Four Pillars) you will fearlessly explore, well, just about anything: Lacrosse. Superheroes. Filmmaking. Soccer. Cryptozoology. Ethics. Theatre. Whatever you want to do, whoever you want to be, we’ll challenge you to go for it. This is your moment. STAND OUT.

Want to know what life at EHS is like? See for yourself.

Four Pillars. One genius formula.

Our educational model, the Four Pillars, is designed to help students discover their inner genius. All of our students explore art, science, literature, sports, faith, and so much more. Because when your mind is open, there’s no limit to the possibilities.

“I've been fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly skilled people that have helped me move forward. EHS has been an essential part of that. This is truly a community that supports its students even long after they’ve graduated."
– Becca Davidson ’03, Founder of Unbuckle Me
"I took photography as a junior at EHS. It was fun, but I never expected that nine years later it would be a serious hobby. I write online reviews for camera products and post photos on my blog all the time. Opportunities at EHS prepared me for the real world."
– Jordan Sterling ’07, Founder of Datafiniti
“EHS not only provided me the ultimate high school experience, it opened doors that 
I never thought possible."
– Richard Ledo ’09

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