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You Were Born to STAND OUT.

At EHS, we know exactly how to tap into that special talent or passion that makes you, you. Or as we like to call it, your inner genius.

Unleash your inner genius.

With our mix of academics, arts, athletics, and religion (a.k.a the Four Pillars) you will fearlessly explore, well, just about anything: Lacrosse. Superheroes. Filmmaking. Soccer. Cryptozoology. Ethics. Theatre. Whatever you want to do, whoever you want to be, we’ll challenge you to go for it. This is your moment. STAND OUT.

Our educational model, the Four Pillars, is designed to help students discover their inner genius.
All of our students explore art, science, literature, sports, faith, and so much more.
Because when your mind is open, there’s no limit to the possibilities.
In small and intense classes, your teachers will challenge you to think, rethink, and create.

Let who you are on the inside, out—on screen. On canvas. En pointe. Our Arts Pillar, one of Houston’s most robust programs, gives our Knights 50 classes to discover their creative power.

You have a champion within. In fact, we believe all of our Knights do. All you need to unleash it: some guts, some glory, and a whole lot of “try.”

At EHS, religion is about reflection and mindfulness and understanding. That’s why we have daily Chapel. It’s a moment for every member of EHS to center themselves.

Want to know what life at EHS is like?

See for yourself.

Admission Team

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Director of Admission and
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Casey Titus 
Associate Director of Admission

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Admission Associate

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