Episcopal High School’s Financial Aid Program was established to provide financial assistance to deserving students and to ensure a diverse student body. Financial aid is based on need, with individual merit considered after need is established. The determination of need is based on a standard application process that requires all financial aid applicants to submit specific financial data by a specific deadline. This financial information is evaluated by a Financial Aid Committee that determines all awards.

A substantial financial aid budget provides funds for both partial and full tuition assistance. Intended as a supplement to the family’s financial resources, the awards are made not only to families whose ability to pay school costs is extremely limited, but also to those who may need only a minor subsidy to meet the tuition requirements. The underlying intent of the Financial Aid Program is that no worthy student be deterred by financial reasons from applying to Episcopal, and parents who anticipate a need for assistance are encouraged to apply for aid on behalf of their child. When financial aid is offered, the Financial Aid Program expects each recipient to make a conscientious effort to demonstrate a positive attitude in all phases of school life.

Financial aid decisions are made separately from and independently of admission decisions. The admission decision is made in advance of the financial aid review, and the Financial Aid Committee has no involvement with a candidate’s being offered a place at Episcopal. The Financial Aid Program is open to students of any race, color, gender, creed, and national or ethnic origin.