Find your beat. March on.

Our dance studios were designed by the Houston Ballet. Why? Because at EHS, the arts are just as critical to who you’ll become as calculus, Shakespeare, or physics. That’s why we’ve built the most stand-out arts program in Houston. Dark rooms. Painting studios. A black box theatre. And a cinematic production lab. It’s all here to give students the chance to try something new. Like the football player who takes center stage or a computer science whiz who learns to sculpt. Here, there are zero limits to your creativity. Just one rule: Be fearless in all you do.

See how our Knights release their inner artists:

We’re proud that our students have access to so many arts offerings. EHS has the largest arts program in Houston. It’s a vital part of every student’s daily experience.

– Jay Berckley, Dean of Arts

Featured Art News:

Dean of Arts
Jay Berckley
(713) 512-3410

Performing Arts Department Chair
Garmon Ashby
(713) 512-3455

Visual Arts Department Chair
Kathleen Philbrick
(713) 512-3462