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Find Your Beat. March On.

Our arts program opens the doors to the artist inside. 

Transformative Arts

Our dance studios were designed by the Houston Ballet. Why? Because at EHS, the arts are just as critical to who you’ll become as calculus, Shakespeare, or physics. That’s why we’ve built the most stand-out arts program in Houston. Dark rooms. Painting studios. A black box theatre. And a cinematic production lab. It’s all here to give students the chance to try something new. Like the football player who takes center stage or a computer science whiz who learns to sculpt. Here, there are zero limits to your creativity. Just one rule:

BE FEARLESS in all you do.


The Media Arts Department strives to instill in students an appreciation for, and critical understanding of, all aspects of the media arts. These steps are made in courses such as photojournalism, photography, moviemaking and animation. The curriculum provides a strong foundation in critical analysis of media, developing skills in creating media, as well as ample opportunities to explore new forms and techniques.  Additionally, the program introduces students to possible career options available in the field of media arts by providing portfolio development, and opportunities to exhibit work both within the EHS community and in venues at the regional and national level. 


The EHS Dance program fosters a love of the beauty of movement and a joy in sharing that movement in students through performance.  Through exercise and repetition, students develop technical proficiency in a wide variety of dance styles.  Students develop an appreciation for the discipline and commitment of dance, competencies in critical analysis of dance performance and dance terminology, and a true appreciation for the art of dance.  


The Studio Arts program is structured to help students identify and develop their artistic talents while fostering creative expression and a sense of personal self worth. In addition to gaining technical skills, students at each grade level also build critical thinking skills through the analysis of art while learning to utilize and develop an understanding of the basic elements and principles of design. Additionally, the program introduces students to career opportunities available in the arts, provides portfolio development, and offers opportunities for students to exhibit work within the EHS community, as well as, in regional and national venues. 


Operating under the Arts and often in conjunction with the Religion Pillar, the Music Department strives to provide a meaningful experience for music students and the EHS community at large. Through study, practice and performance, the Music Department provides students with the opportunity for self-expression, and a way to experience something greater than oneself through encounters with great music in both Chapel and classroom settings.


The Theatre Program emphasizes the students’ creative growth in all areas of theatrical theory and practice.  Combining curricular and co-curricular paths, the overall goal of the program is to help students discover and develop their individual and collective artistic voices.  Classes in theatre help students develop the craft of on-stage performance, set construction and stage lighting, and stage direction. Through the study of acting, directing and stagecraft, students develop their emotional and sensory awareness and better appreciate the commitment and discipline necessary for the expression of this art form.


Study in the Student Publications Program focuses on the creation of the school yearbook The Hexagon, the newspaper The Knight Times, and video and audio production in various formats for KEHS News.  Classes are geared toward the process, how students engage and work together, and the level of responsibility they possess in their real-world role as journalists.

Arts Programs


Beginning, Hip Hop, Intermediate, Elevate... 


Band, Choir, Orchestra, Guitar, Piano...


Acting, MASQUE, Stagecraft...

Studio Arts

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics...

Media Arts

Moviemaking, Animation, ETV...


Yearbook, Newspaper, Broadcasting, KEHS News... and more!

Arts News

USC Art Gallery

Built in 2018, the USC Art Gallery is just one of several display spaces on campus for the award-winning artwork of our students. Surrounded on two sides by glass walls and centrally located in the Underwood Student Center, the Art Gallery invites the community to explore the creations of our visual artists, from painting, mixed media, ceramics, or sculpture. 

Broadcasting Studio

Built in 2012, the Broadcasting Studio hosts the three EHS media productions: KEHS News, Round Table Radio, and Running the Gauntlet.  

Dance Studios

The robust EHS dance program includes two Dance Studios designed by the Houston Ballet and updated in 2017. Illuminated by some of the best natural light on campus, our dancers from seven different courses learn, rehearse, and choreograph in this space.

Underwood Theatre

The stage of the Underwood Theatre has long supported transcendent performances of dancers, actors, musicians, poets, and more. Built in 1958 as Part of Marian High School and remodeled in both 1984 and 2018, the theater holds audiences of 800+ who come to see EHS students stretch themselves artistically. At 13,110 sq ft, the theatre complex has ample backstage space that houses dressing rooms and costume and set storage.

Pillar Events

Knight Voices

Pejman Milani

Each discipline in our arts pillar aspires and often reaches heights unimagined by a high school student. EHS values the arts because we’re willing to draw a line in the sand and commit to the idea that the act of creating is essential to living a significant life.

Media Arts Teacher and Coordinator

George Brock

EHS has become my artistic home.  For a theatrical artist, having a safe space to create in with a group of like-minded artists is a rare and beautiful ideal that many artists never truly get to experience.  Aside from the phenomenal students who are the center of our teaching universe, a solid and supportive audience means the world to any theatrical artist.

Theatre Teacher and Performing Arts Coordinator