Dean of Arts
Jay Berckley
(713) 512-3410

Performing Arts Department Chair
Garmon Ashby
(713) 512-3455

Visual Arts Department Chair
Kathleen Philbrick
(713) 512-3462

Graduation Requirements

Subject Required Credits Length of Study
English 4 Credits 8 Semesters
History 3 Credits 6 Semesters
Languages 2 Credits 4 Semesters
Mathematics 3 Credits 6 Semesters
Religion 2 Credits 4 Semesters
Science 3 Credits 6 Semesters
Fine Arts 2 Credits 4 Semesters
Health and Phys. Ed. 1 Credit 2 Semesters
Other Electives 3 Credits 6 Semesters


23 Credits

46 Semesters

Episcopal High School uses the semester grading system, whereby each student receives a grade at nine weeks and another at eighteen weeks, the end of the semester. For yearlong courses, the end-of-the-year grade, a reflection of the two semesters, is the only grade recorded on the transcript. Effort grades of S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory) will be given for each nine-week grading period.