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Pejman Milani

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Media Arts Teacher - ETv | Moviemaking
Media Arts, Visual Arts
Teacher Bio

What is your favorite topic to teach and why?
Stop-motion animation is one of my favorites topics to teach. Students have a lot of fun making the sets, and that ‘aha’ moment when every picture is put together in editing is priceless. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing all the hard work of taking hundreds of still pictures pay off in a beautiful animation.

How do you measure your success in teaching at EHS?
When a student leaves my classroom excited to show what he or she has created to the world: these are my measures of success. The icing on the cake is when, in five to ten years, I get an email about how they’re still watching their movies and animations they made in high school.

Describe an accomplishment that has given you satisfaction.
Growing the filmmaking and animation program and curriculum over the last fifteen years has given me tremendous personal and professional satisfaction. There’s always more to learn, and having a relentless hunger that pushes me to grow as a practitioner in my field has been an invaluable asset in growing as an educator.


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B.A., University of Texas – Austin
M.Ed., University of Houston

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