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Ms. Kate Philbrick


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Visual Arts Department Chair, Photography Teacher - Beginning Photography | Advanced Photography
Media Arts, Visual Arts
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How do you influence students to understand and appreciate the study of Photography?

Students are constantly inundated with images, looking at and sending pictures has become how they communicate, so getting them to slow down in order to make intentional images that convey an emotion or concept is challenging. I like to show students the difference between snapping a picture and conceptualizing, composing, and framing a photograph. Intention and previsualization are the most important aspects of photography that I teach.

What was your favorite class as a student and why?

My favorite class in high school was Art, we had one teacher for the entire 7th through 12th grade so I saw her every year for five years and each year was completely different from the last. She was extremely funny and never complained about being the only teacher with a classroom in the basement of the school next to the boiler room. She taught me to approach difficult situations, with the intention to transform them into unique privileges.

Who has had a profound effect on your teaching and how?

My father was a High School math teacher and department head, his philosophy on how to be a responsible teacher has effected my entire approach to teaching at EHS. He has always said that teachers need to make sure their responses to unexpected situations isn’t on the same maturity level as the students they teach. Teachers need to respond, not react, when communicating with students and colleagues. I think that’s excellent advice.

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B.F.A., University of Southern Maine
M.F.A., Art Institute of Boston – Lesley University