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2023-2024 Fees & Rates:

To enable us to hire and retain the best instructors, we require our students to enroll for a minimum of 10 lessons per semester. Additional lessons may be added later in the semester on completion of the initial 10. 

30 minute lessons at $40/lesson
45 minute lessons at $60/lesson
60 minute lessons at $80/lesson

The Music Program Coordinator* and the student's instructor must receive written notification from a student's parent or guardian if they intend to discontinue lessons after the minimum 10 lesson threshold.

For questions or concerns regarding financial aid please reach out to Ms. Kimberley Pavalock ( in the Business Office.

Guidelines and Expectations


  • Must attend all lessons. Students should not schedule other activities, meetings or appointments during scheduled lesson times.
  • Must notify their instructor and Program Coordinator as far as possible in advance when unavoidable conflicts (sickness, school trips) will cause absence from a lesson. In such cases, instructors will endeavor to re-schedule lessons, based on instructor availability.
  • Should understand that lessons missed due to unexcused absences must be paid regardless of attendance and may not be rescheduled.
  • May have a makeup lesson fulfilled by extending the time of one or more future lessons, or by scheduling a separate lesson time.
  • May have their lessons terminated after 3 or more unexcused absences, with remaining lesson fees forfeited.
  • Should practice between lessons. The amount of time expected will vary per instructor.
  • Are strongly encouraged to participate in EHS performing ensembles, classes and other performing opportunities.
  • Must be willing to be taught in a virtual environment should any “in person” restrictions be mandated by federal, state, local or school authorities.


  • Will contact students once sign up is completed to schedule their regular lessons.
  • Will schedule a make-up lesson or arrange for a substitute teacher if, for some reason, they need to miss a lesson.
  • Will advise parents, either directly or through a faculty member, of any questions, accolades, or concerns that they have about students.
  • Will hold private lessons virtually should any “in person” restrictions be mandated by federal, state, local, or school authorities.


*For questions or more information, please contact Music Program Coordinator Mr. Joe Beam -



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