Operating under the Arts and often in conjunction with the Religion Pillars, the Music Department strives to provide a meaningful experience for music students and the EHS community at large. Through study, practice and performance, the Music Department provides students with the opportunity for self-expression, and a way to experience something greater than oneself through encounters with great music in both Chapel and classroom settings.

18-19 Music Events

October 23 in Benitez Chapel, 6:00pm

Instrumental Recital
November 13 in Benitez Chapel, 6:00pm

Community Advent Chapel
December 12 in Benitez Chapel, 6:00pm


Chorale and Theatre Tour
January 5 - 12 London and Stratford, UK

Spring Musical: Fiddler on the Roof
March 1 – 2, 7:30pm, March 3, 3:30pm in the Underwood Theatre

Arts Tours Weekend
March 21 - 24, Various

Masterworks Choral Concert: Fauré Requiem
April 16 in Benitez Chapel, 6:00pm

Instrumental Recital
April 23 in Benitez Chapel, 6:00pm

Arts Awards
April 24, 9:20am

Spring Concert
April 30 in the Underwood Theatre, 6:00pm