Visual Arts

The Episcopal High School Visual Arts program offers a rich foundation in beginning and advanced level courses. The department is organized into three distinct programs: Studio Arts, Media Arts, and Student Publications. At each course level students learn to build the skills needed to develop a broad understanding and appreciation of the visual language. Faculty work to identify and develop the creative talents possessed by each student, while promoting visual analysis, creative problem-solving, and critical thinking skills through hands-on activities. Students will develop a sense of personal style and voice through an in-depth immersion in history and culture, as well as a global understanding of the visual world in which we live.

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Kate Philbrick, Visual Arts Department Chair
Deborah Arnold, Studio Arts Coordinator
David M. Framel, Student Publications Coordinator
Pejman Milani
Japheth Storlie
David Trauba
Sharon Willcutts-Havel