Kate Philbrick

Visual Arts Teacher and Department Chair
(713) 512-3462 | Email

B.F.A., University of Southern Maine
M.F.A., Art Institute of Boston – Lesley University

At EHS since 2011
Teaching Advanced Photography, Alternate Processes in Photography, and Beginning Photography

What was most appealing to you in wanting to teach at EHS?

During my interview process, I toured the school and was blown away by the arts spaces and classrooms. I went to a high school where there was one room for art with limited supplies, whereas the EHS studios, darkrooms, and classrooms are what I experienced in college. I wanted to be part of a school that truly believes in the importance of the arts in an excellent high school education.

Describe a memorable and/or rewarding moment of teaching at EHS.

My first year at EHS, I had a class of senior boys that was tough to motivate. However, one student surprised me, particularly because he had a history of being challenging in terms of behavior. When it came time to process that class’s first rolls of film, his was not only perfectly exposed, it had been rolled onto the reel without any mistakes and processed without a single misstep in the timing of the chemistry. He was amazed at his own accomplishment and, from then on, became the hardest working kid in class—he took film home to take photos for fun, showed up to tutorials to perfect his prints, and helped other students in the class. He ended up being my best student that year.

What are a few of your interests and hobbies?

I like running, x-country skiing, hiking, cooking, and trying new exercise crazes! I like to read about the science of ecotechnology solutions, space, the brain, and the pathophysiology of rare disease.