The Hexagon - Yearbook

Every year staff members of the Episcopal High School yearbook The Hexagon put together a graphically appealing and award winning record of the detailed events of the school year in an all-color, highly entertaining volume. Graphic artists and photographers display their creativity while commemorating the experiences, accomplishments, and shared scholastic lives of the EHS student body and its extended community.

The Knight Times - Student Newspaper

For over 35 years, the student newspaper The Knight Times has served Episcopal High School through informative, pertinent, and thought-provoking print journalism. This year, the mission of The Knight Times is to "provide information to the EHS community in a student-friendly manner while asking readers to expand their minds and consider their opinions." The Knight Times covers all areas of standard print media: news, opinion, features, arts & entertainment, and school sports.

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KEHS News is a weekly, informational program designed to give students the opportunity to be the voice and face of EHS news and current events. Molded from a live television news program, KEHS News will give broadcasting students opportunities to practice television and radio programming in a virtual setting. Today’s journalists are expected to research, write, shoot, produce, edit, and even appear on camera in their own field reports and investigative segments, and KEHS students practice those skills. In small crews or even solo, these intrepid reporters perform what is the fastest growing part of the journalism profession.

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