Student Publications: Hexagon Yearbook

2020-2021 Hexagon Yearbook
Deadline Dates

Note: Tribute Pages are for purchase; Senior Pages are free. These are two separate pages.

Seniors (2021):

May 29
Highlights Form
Quotes Form
Superlative Form

Additional Info Form


Aug 24 - Tribute Page Reservation

Aug 31 - Tribute Photos & Text Due

Sept 7 - Photos for Sr. Page Due

Seniors & Parents: Please adhere to deadlines so that we may ensure all is proofread and correct.

Hexagon Tribute Page

The deadline for yearbook Tribute Page reservation is August 24. Materials are due

August 31.



STEP 1. Fill out the online form (this Summer) or contact Mr. Framel at or 713-512-3454.

STEP 2. Choose a design option

Option 1: Submit a camera-ready ad (.jpg is preferred, 300+ resolution, ready for print).
Option 2: Select a template. Choose photos that fit the photo orientations on the template.
Option 3: Design your own tribute with instructions for photo and text placement.
Option 4: Have the yearbook staff create a layout for you from scratch.
Note: We can size and crop your hard copy photos digitally.


1. Remember that yearbook page margins are 8X10, not 8.5X11.

2. Black and white photos are acceptable, but all yearbook pages are color. Send high-resolution photos only. Cell phone photos and low-res scans do not print well.

3. The staff encourages the submission of clear quality photos to ensure an optimal tribute space.

Note: We offer a one-time pdf proof of your tribute to your email address for approval. Please contact us with changes within one week of this proof email or the tribute will print as is.


Full page - $500
Half page - $275
1/3 page - $175
1/4 page - $150
1/8 page - $80



Senior Page (photos due September 7)
Get your sitting date set with a photographer now if you are planning on a professional taking your child’s photos. They book fast.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Due to contractual obligations with our publisher, the senior pages must be complete for print by the end of September. Text and photos will need to be submitted prior.
  • To meet the deadline, the Senior Portrait is best taken over the summer, though it does not have to be done professionally. (Another pre-existing photo will be requested as soon as the new Yearbook staff meets to decide on senior page design as it relates to theme - for example, a baby photo.)
  • Submission: Color or B&W - Digital (preferable) – 5 x 7 .jpg at 300 dpi minimum. Hard Copy - 5 x 7, high resolution. Photographers can email high resolution images to

Some photographers used in the past include the following:



Alvin Gee Photography: 713.647.0911

Alexander’s Fine Portrait: 713.682.6000

Amanda Holloway Photo : 936.755.4428

Carol Junell Photography: 713.467.5220

Casa de Camera: 832.640.3767

Haney and Whipple Portraits: 713.785.7151

Lesli Dabney Photography: 713.253.4236

Ling Wang Photography: 281.732.2632

Magnolia Portraits: 832.831.6661

Marc Nathan Photographers: 281.313.8934

Margaret Rotan Photography: 713.468.1176

N. Cole Photography: 713.385.6235

Paperhearts Photography: 833.746.3464

Rafte Photography : 713.907.1875

Trish Strangmeyer Photography: 713.661.2131

Despite our conscientious efforts to ensure that your Tribute Page and Senior Page comply with your requests, we regret that errors occasionally occur; once the yearbook has been produced, it is not possible for the company to reprint pages.

Extra Yearbook Sales: Every student receives a copy of the yearbook. Additional copies of "The Hexagon" can be purchased for $150. This is an extra copy for you or other family members. Producing a 500+ page yearbook is an enormous endeavor that involves many stages of proofreading and re-checking details.