Studio Arts

The Studio Arts Program is structured to help students identify and develop their artistic talents while fostering creative expression and a sense of personal self worth. In addition to gaining technical skills, students at each grade level also build critical thinking skills through the analysis of art while learning to utilize and develop an understanding of the basic elements and principles of design. Additionally, the program introduces students to career opportunities available in the arts, provides portfolio development, and offers opportunities for students to exhibit work within the EHS community, as well as, in regional and national venues. The Studio Arts Program also provides enriching extra-curricular activities for students at all levels, such as the National Art Honor Society. As a whole, the study of visual art contributes meaningfulness toward a “significant life,” while providing a window to the self, culture, humanity, and spirituality. For more information, contact Lauren Cunningham, Studio Arts Program Coordinator, at or 713-512-3468.

Lauren Cunningham
Sharon Willcutts-Havel
David Trauba

National Art Honor Society