Deborah Arnold

Studio Arts Program Coordinator
(713) 512-3468 | Email

B.F.A., Florida Atlantic University
M.A., University of Florida

At EHS since 2012
Teaching Advanced Mixed Media, Mixed Media, Portfolio Development, and Sculpture

What attracted you to EHS?

I learned about EHS when I stumbled upon the Founders Day speech, “Alleluia, Hot Dog and Hooray.” It was inspirational to read. I later had the opportunity to visit campus for my interview, and it was refreshing to know that each person I met supported the mission referenced in that speech—namely, to not only accept the gifted but also the average student, and to appreciate the fine arts as well as athletics in order to live a “life of significance.” I, too, wanted to be a part of this story.

What characteristics do you consider as most essential to be an outstanding student?

The willingness to explore the four pillars here at EHS and to try classes that seem outside of one’s norm or comfort zone is most essential to be an outstanding student here. It isn’t about excellence but taking advantage of opportunity.

How do you strive to make those around you feel valued, appreciated, and respected?

I strive to make those around me feel valued, appreciated, and respected, I try to communicate proactive—with my students about their classes and life outside of school, and with fellow instructors for suggestions about curriculum, or student support strategies. I listen when my colleagues come to me and do my best to support them and/or help them problem solve.