Within every knight, there is a champion.

On the field, court, mat, green, track – EHS Knights STAND OUT. We’ve claimed 16 SPC championships over the past five school years (including back-to-back boys’ soccer and baseball wins and a historic girls’ golf title). No wonder our student athletes go on to play for the MLB, NFL, and Division I college teams around the country. On top of that, they’re champs in the classroom: You’ll find former Knights at top schools like Harvard, Howard, Brown, and more. There’s a champion inside. Set it free.

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All EHS students participate in physical education, health and wellness, and strength and conditioning classes through our Wellness program. Here, you’ll learn what it takes to lead a healthy life.


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Nearly 90% of our students participate in athletics. We have the amazing opportunity to help our students develop character through the trials of athletic endeavors – the wonderful victories and difficult defeats are all learning moments.

– Jason Grove, Director of Athletics

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