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Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC)

The Southwest Preparatory Conference is one of the nation’s oldest and most distinctive secondary school athletic conferences. Established in 1952, the conference has grown in both membership and number of sports offered. Today the conference represents 19 schools located in two states and provides competition in 21 different sports. Any member school of the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) may petition to become a member of the SPC.

SPC Sportsmanship Creed

Athletic competition in SPC is guided by the following ideas:

The Players

1. They live clean and play hard. They play for the love of the game.
2. They win without boasting. They lose without excuses. They never quit.
3. They respect officials and accept their decisions without question.
4. They never forget that they represent their school.

The Coaches

1. They inspire in their players a love for the game and the desire to win.
2. They teach that it is better to lose fairly than to win unfairly.
3. They exemplify sportsmanship and respect for officials.
4. They are the type of people they want their players to be.

The School

At their contests, ISAS schools do not tolerate any spectator, either student or adult, whose behavior is disrespectful toward players, officials, coaches, or other spectators, nor does an ISAS school permit any type of spectator behavior that either detracts from the proper conduct of the game or disadvantages a player or team.

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