Wellness Department

Episcopal High School's Health, Physical Education, Athletic Training, Wellness, and Weights programs support the school's mission of developing the whole person. We hope to inspire students toward a lifetime of physical activity. We are looking to provide them with the knowledge to facilitate good decision-making skills in regards to situations they will face in life going forward.


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Marc Klinkerman, Department Chair
Mike Donnelly
Jason Grove
Maya Hoyer
Steve Leisz
Page Moriarty
Amanda Watts


Physical Education

The purpose of Physical Education is to develop the whole person through lifetime sports which allow the students to prepare for a lifetime of physical activity. A general, but very important, knowledge of fitness and its importance is included. Through participation, students are taught valuable life lessons, such as cooperation, sportsmanship, and respect for equipment, facilities, and others. Units include volleyball, badminton, flag football, basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, fitness, bowling, and floor hockey.


The purpose of Health is to engender in students an awareness of the whole person, body, and mind. Health will give students an idea of the choices they make in their nutritional intake, their relationship dynamics, and a sense of their own place in the larger community. Topics include self-concept, nutrition, substance abuse, anatomy and physiology, relationships, sexuality, and first aid (including cardiopulmonary resuscitation [CPR]).

Weight Training and Conditioning

The purpose of Weight Training and Conditioning is to have students participate in a rigorous weight lifting and conditioning program that incorporates plyometrics, agility drills, and sprints. The course is designed to improve the athletic performance of student athletes by becoming faster, stronger, more agile, and less susceptible to injury. This will be accomplished by following proper and safe strength and conditioning principles and techniques.

Foundations of Athletic Training

The Athletic Training class will focus on prevention, recognition, and treatment of athletic injuries. The class will also provide an overview and insight


The Wellness course is designed to introduce students, in a non-threatening way, to the joys of working out. The goal is to make this activity habitual and grounded in basic skills and concepts that will serve the student through out their life.