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Make Lifelong Connections
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Free Yourself.

Find your inner journalist, roboticist, humanitarian, dancer – or all four! Here, we believe you can’t find yourself unless you try, try, and try again. And with nearly 50 student-led clubs and organizations, you get to try just about anything – from sailing to serving Houston through Students of Service (SOS for short). So go for it: Repair homes or feed the homeless with SOS. Join BBQ Club and fire up the grill. Hop on your bike with Cycle Club. Want to try it? Feel free!

Spike Ball


At Episcopal, our students are zealous about everything for which they strive: attaining honor and integrity, entertaining audiences at performances, winning on the playing field, and finding a relationship with both God and the world around them. We provide them with endless paths to achievement. Explore how our students thrive. 



EHS Parents are known for their exceptional support and their unmatched dedication to the EHS community. A look around the campus almost always leads to the discovery of EHS parents from both the Dads Club and Parent Association volunteering in many capacities, such as library support, projects, afternoon spirit treats, and class fundraising. Learn about how EHS parents get involved.


EHS Alums stay engaged. They attend homecoming games, meet up in their respective cities for dinner or to support the Knights on the road. Most importantly, they live out the mission of the school in service to others, and they support their alma mater. Whether through Alumni Leadership Day, speaking in chapel, or Annual Giving, Knights give back. Discover how our Alumni stay connected.


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Campus Life News

2024 - 2025 Athletics Preseason Schedule

The 2024-2025 Athletics Preseason Schedule below includes scheduling for the following fall sports before the start of school:  Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Girls Volleyball, Boys Volleyball, and Cheer.

Knight Voices

Nash C.

I love that we are offered the time after Chapel every day to spend time with our friends eating the delicious food prepared by our cafeteria staff.

Class of 2023

Garmon Ashby

We constantly witness our students immerse themselves in activities, often connecting activities between disciplines so as to develop in themselves deep skills, broad interests and a greater capacity for lifelong fulfillment.

Choir Director and Performing Arts Chair

Tabish Virani

We encourage a culture of caring for one another and do our best to ensure that everyone feels loved and looked after. I still have fond memories from when I was at EHS of how incredible my teachers and classmates were, and it makes me incredibly happy to see that the importance that the school has placed on community building has only gotten stronger since then.

Class of 2012 & English Teacher 

Bob Matthews

The best schools are places that allow for and encourage individualized growth, and EHS intentionally creates a community that supports and fosters that maturation, in whichever direction makes sense for each student. 

English Teacher