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Advisory Program Overview

Our advisory program is a home away from home, a connection that lasts through all years of the EHS experience. The small-group atmosphere allows us to cultivate trust and authentic relationships. The advisor provides consistency and it’s a relationship that continues to deepen from year to year. Importantly, advisors help their advisees navigate all four pillars. We sit together in Chapel. We celebrate successes from the classroom to the field and stage. We lift each other up.  

The advisory program at Episcopal exists to ensure that the individual needs of each student are met in our community. The advisor is a mentor, role model, and advocate for the students and the first point of contact for families. The relationship between the advisor and advisee, as well as between the advisor and family, is fundamental to life at EHS. 

Julia Z '23

Advisory is that gray area between school and home where you can connect with your fellow peers in a nurturing environment; I have greatly connected with my advisor as someone I can go to in troubling times and seek counsel with daily problems. I think the program is a core aspect of EHS and a great way to integrate into the Episcopal community alongside friends and faculty who will watch you grow over four years into an alum.

Eric Avera

Advisory creates a comforting resonance every day and every week, as we gather in chapel or advisory rooms as little families to catch up and to be our authentic selves together.  Advisory provides the space and time for us to share our triumphs and our challenges, our celebrations and concerns about our lives and the layers of community that surround us.

Evan Harris

I'm proud of my advisory group. We've gotten really comfortable around one another. We support one another. We crack each other up. That advisory time each week is full of the kind of warmth and happiness that represents the best of EHS. 

Mike Hodgson

Advisory is a fantastic launch pad and landing space for students throughout their 4 years at EHS.  In the beginning of their high school journey, it serves as a place to help acclimate to our school culture and navigate the multiple paths of the 4 pillars.  As the students progress through the years and build bonds of community with each other, the shared experiences and consistency of advisory create a strong support system for the group which lasts well beyond their EHS years!