Business and Entrepreneurship

On October 23, EHS will host our fourth annual Alumni Leadership Day. This event gives seniors an opportunity to hear from a variety of alumni regarding their respective careers.

Based on their occupation, each alumni member sits on one of eleven panels. Every senior rotates through two panels in the morning, and the day concludes with a roundtable lunch.

Read about our Business and Entrepreneurship alumni panelists below.

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Ben Clemenceau '07

Senior Market Analyst

BBA, Business Administration and Communications Studies, Millsaps College

"For five and a half years I've been involved in the Cameron/Schlumberger department of Market Research. I'm responsible for everything from business forecasts to financial tracking. Basically, my job is to inform the sales people where they can make money this year and then to track how much money they ultimately make. It's given me a great perspective of business operations from product development stages to our financial reports for Wall Street.

It’s hard to stand out from the crowd these days. One way to do that is to pick a skill or strength of yours and make great use of it. The other, I’ve learned, is to make yourself an unquenchable seeker of opportunities. Show people you’re eager to learn subjects outside of your specialty. Show people that you’re flexible and objective in your decision making. Working hard in school and trying to excel at your job are crucial, but something that can set you apart from those you compete with is a willingness to go beyond what is asked. Take these risks and wear many hats—especially when you’re young. Not only will you learn and grow as a person, but you will stand out as a multi-faceted leader in your field.”

Lauren Labbe ‘03

Supply, Trading and Logistics Manager of Strategy, Reporting and Market Intelligence, Motiva Enterprises LLC

Boston College Carroll School of Management – majored in Finance & Accounting/Information Systems

Every morning I review the price movements from market close the prior day and early morning trading to assess how crude oil and refined product pricing is moving and prepare an overview of key factors driving the market that impact our business; this gets presented at a daily market and operations leadership meeting. Throughout the day I am bouncing from meeting to meeting as communication is the most critical part of my job; my team is the connection point between our trading and logistics teams and the rest of the company. We are the project managers for new growth projects and connect our business teams to the IT, tax, legal, finance and communications support services.

Throughout my career I have found that communication and interpersonal skills are the most critical traits that drive success, combined with proactivity, intellectual curiosity and a willingness to make mistakes and learn from them. My advice for entering the workforce is to be curious, ask questions and be humble (take on any project, request, issue to learn and grow).

Eric Santamaria '92

Service Manager, Tesla

BS, Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University

MBA, Boston University

As a Service Manager for Tesla, I'm leading my team to care for every Tesla owner in New England. Each day, I ensure my team of 28 people is delivering on our commitments for safety, innovation, productivity, collaboration and diversity. To work with a company like Tesla, you have to demonstrate exceptional curiosity and courage, a passion for technology, and the talent to constantly learn and adapt. We never stop hustling because we have to deliver and service hundreds of electric cars, every month!

If you had 30-seconds with Elon Musk and if he asked you, "How have you found opportunity in adversity, and what have done with it?" what would you tell him?

Alex White '88

Senior Associate, Mercer

BA, University of Houston
MBA, Bauer School of Business, University of Houston

I am a Senior Associate with Mercer. Mercer is the largest Benefits broker in the world and a top global consulting company. I have been in Sales for 19 years and two years with Mercer. I went back to school at night to earn my MBA 4 years ago so I could change my career to a different industry. Every day at Mercer is different. I schedule 1-2 meetings every day. I meet with HR and Finance executives at companies in Houston between 100-10,000 employees. Half my day is outside the office, the other half is in the office where I follow up and work to schedule new appointments. During meetings my job is to learn about a company’s goals and challenges – which is often very interesting - and see if there are ways we can help. I work with our Mercer team to develop HR strategies. There are many career paths at Mercer – management, specialization, etc. Successful people in my role are usually creative self-starters. Developing new clients/customers is the most important and challenging task for any company. Networking is very important. “People do business with people they know, like and trust” - Dale Carnegie. Mercer has a great internship program for actuaries. Good sales people are compensated well.

Ashley Kozak Martin ‘04

Senior Manager, Business Operations, Bain & Company, Inc.

BA, Belmont University
MFA, New England Conservatory
MBA, McCombs School of Business, University of Texas

After graduating from Episcopal High School, Martin went on to become a professional opera singer. She holds two degrees in music (Master’s at New England Conservatory, and Bachelor’s at Belmont University) and performed throughout the Northeast and Europe. She also founded a start-up business in the animal medical industry.

After performing and traveling, she went back to school to pursue her MBA at McCombs School of Business at UT in Austin, and now works as a Management Consultant at Bain & Company, one of the world’s top three strategy consulting firms. Her current role is helping CEOs of Fortune 500 companies with their most difficult strategic business problems (e.g., how to enter a new market, increase profitability, redefine operating model).