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Diversity, Community, and Inclusion

Building Community.

The community of Episcopal High School is its greatest strength. By mission, EHS is committed to the principles of community and inclusion, understanding that we as a community are strengthened by the lively exchange of ideas among individuals of different experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. Our celebration of and respect for individual differences makes us a stronger community.

47% - 53%

Boys - Girls


Students from seventy-five Zip Codes


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Identify as Students of Color


Different Schools Feed into the New Student Body


New Students

DCI Programming

The Community and Inclusion Team

Wayne Jones

Wayne Jones

Director of Community and Inclusion
Jessica Adams

Jessica Adams

Associate Director of Community & Inclusion

Knight Voices

Ethan Lahoti

DIA helps foster a safe space for me by giving me a voice to share my experiences about diversity without being judged for it. When we share our thoughts, we become vulnerable allowing others to empathize with us and therefore developing a tight-knit community or family which makes DIA unique. DIA has allowed me to meet people of different backgrounds whom I wouldn’t have met otherwise, hear the issues they have experienced with diversity, and come up with ideas to make EHS even more inclusive. I am forever grateful for the lessons I have learned and will continue to learn through DIA!

Class of '25

Andy Clack

We all need to feel that we belong in order to thrive. If discovering and developing our individual talents is part of the EHS mission, then belonging is essential to the endeavor. To me, community and inclusion at EHS is about ensuring that every person in our community — regardless of difference — feels that they belong, so that we can all reach our potential and experience joy as we grow together.

Religion Department Chair

Wayne Jones

Speaking from the “I” perspective, community and inclusion at Episcopal is all about giving of yourself for the betterment of the greater good. For us to have a true community, we must be willing to give of ourselves and listen to other perspectives that are different from our own. We don’t always have to agree, but we do have to give the different perspective the respect and validity that it deserves. Inclusion is not about numbers and percentages, it is about a true authentic and organic voice at the table as the table is being set. Those are the things we are vehemently working for in Community and Inclusion at Episcopal.

Director of Diversity, Community, and Inclusion

Tabish Virani

For me, one of the most incredible aspects of EHS is the multitude of different experiences the members of our community bring together. I see this diversity as a strength that allows us to explore different perspectives and ideas, ultimately allowing for a more fleshed out view of the world as a whole. By creating a space where each person can feel seen, heard, and understood, we can hopefully create an enriching experience for everyone who steps through the doors of EHS.

English Faculty, Class of '12