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Diversity, Community and Inclusion

The community of Episcopal High School is its greatest strength. By mission, EHS is committed to the principles of community and inclusion, understanding that we as a community are strengthened by the lively exchange of ideas among individuals of different experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. Our celebration of and respect for individual differences makes us a stronger community.

Statement of the Board of Trustees of Episcopal High School Providing Strategic Direction for Diversity, Community, and Inclusion

"Community and inclusion to me is the establishment of a welcoming group of diverse individuals, whether it be by race, socioeconomic status, interests, etc., and the embracing of each and every person's differences. At EHS, we are encouraged to explore and develop our differences in a safe, nurturing environment while learning about and respecting the unique qualities of others."
-Arissa J. '22
"To me, community and inclusion at EHS means being able to share your cultural and religious traditions with others without the fear of being judged. Being able to come together and celebrate our differences rather than let them divide us is extremely important in creating a healthy community."
-Karma E. '22
"Community and inclusion is an ongoing battle, but one that we are winning. Every day we change just a little bit of EHS culture to be more educated and accepting, which is something we should be proud of and keep going at until everyone at EHS is and feels welcome and included."
-Ethan M. '20
"Inclusion and community at EHS means power. It means bringing new ideas to a group that is all striving to get the best out of each other. It means having people from different backgrounds and ethnicities all come together to achieve greatness."
-Shelby T. '20
"To me, community and inclusion at EHS is the ability to feel comfortable amongst anyone at the school, despite any differences. Students around campus embody this by making and maintaining meaningful friendships with people of varying backgrounds."
-Mateo B. '21

The Community and Inclusion Team

Jessica Adams

Jessica Adams

Associate Director of Diversity, Community, & Inclusion, English Teacher, Assistant JV Girls Lacrosse Coach
Wayne Jones

Wayne Jones

Director of Diversity, Community, & Inclusion, History Teacher, Head Boys’ Basketball Coach, Head Boys’ Golf Coach
“Speaking from the “I” perspective, community and inclusion at Episcopal is all about giving of yourself for the betterment of the greater good. For us to have a true community, we must be willing to give of ourselves and listen to other perspectives that are different from our own. We don’t always have to agree, but we do have to give the different perspective the respect and validity that it deserves. Inclusion is not about numbers and percentages, it is about a true authentic and organic voice at the table as the table is being set. Those are the things we are vehemently working for in Community and Inclusion at Episcopal.”
-Wayne Jones
Community and inclusion is about creating a space and a culture where all people are seen, heard and valued not just for or because of what they bring to the table but also because of all they’ve gone through to even get to the table. Here at EHS, Community and Inclusion is about celebrating all of our differences and our many similarities and using both to inform, educate, and better the whole EHS community.
-Ayesha Spooner