Canvas LMS

Hello New Knights -  We are so glad to have you at EHS!  To get started, you can watch this quick video or follow the instructions below.

The steps for getting started are:

  1. Your student must sign into their account.
  2. Getting your student code
  3. Creating a Canvas account:
  4. Connecting to the teachers using Canvas Conferences

To enable student pairing, your student will need to login on their account to find the pairing code. Once they are logged into Canvas, they just need to follow the steps below:


Account > Settings

Emily Boone.png


Click “Pair with Observer”

Pair with observer.png


Copy parent code

Copy Parent Code.png


Once you have copied the code, head to the website to create your parent account: (Links to an external site.). Alternatively, you can download the Canvas Parent App from the App Store on your phone or tablet.