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Craig Bunk

Dear Parents:

On behalf of the Dads Club I am pleased to welcome our new parents, as well as, our returning parents to EHS and introduce our organization. As a new family to Episcopal High School you will soon learn that there are many ways to volunteer and participate in your child's experience at EHS. My family is entering its sixth year at Episcopal, so I can attest to what I'm sure you already know-- Episcopal has something special to offer every student We also have something special to offer the fathers--the Dads Club. Every father of an Episcopal student is automatically a member of the Dads Club, and I would encourage every father to get involved.

The stated mission of the Dads Club is to support and promote the policies, programs and activities of the school, while encouraging fellowship within the school community. The Dads Club provides support, volunteer opportunities, funding, and fellowship for EHS students, faculty, and staff, parents, and alumni families. The financial support and parental involvement that the Dads Club provides is an integral part of what makes our school such a unique experience for our students.

The Dads Club is also a way for all EHS dads to engage in their child's school through one of our many volunteer opportunities. Some of those opportunities include reading scripture at daily Chapel, helping with "Students of Service" projects, grilling/cooking at various fine arts, sporting, and community events, as well as manning the chains at football games, to name a few.

The Dads Club is responsible for supporting the Four Pillars of EHS (Academics, Athletics, Arts, and Religion) through the funding of "out of the ordinary" items that are not funded from the school's normal operating budget. Over the years, we have used our funds to purchase various items and support multiple events including: scoreboards, audio-visual equipment, 3D-printer, Race for the Cure shirts, 156 Volumes of Gale Poetry Literature Criticism online, weight room equipment, Cheerleader Pink Ribbon Night, Student/Parent Handbook, Freshman Knight Out, Challenger Football Game, Faculty/Staff Appreciation, acolyte robes, choir vestments, and SOS Home Repair. Last year we exceeded the $1,600,000 mark of funding support since the inception of the Dads Club in 1994 and set a record for monies raised and distributed.

How do we fund these items? We raise money from dues and sales at the concession stands; however, our primary fundraiser is our annual Dads Club golf tournament each spring. Under the co-leadership of Michael Grant and Ronnie Deyo we raised more than $80,000 from our 24th annual event last April. We had over 150 participants sign up and support the event.

To learn more abut the Dads Club, we invite you to attend the regular breakfast meetings held on five Friday mornings throughout the school year. At each of the meetings, you will hear an update on Dads Club activities; enjoy presentations from speakers representing one of the Four Pillars as well as our college counseling staff, and also see students showcase their talents and accomplishments. In addition to being informative, the meetings are a great way to meet and get to know the other dads at the school.

Please mark your calendars for the following 7:00 a.m. Friday morning meetings (Hildebrand Athletic Center - 3rd Floor):

August 23rd, October 26th, January 18th, March 1st, April 5th

Dads, this is your invitation to become an active participant in the Dads Club. I encourage you to volunteer to help in the concession stand during a sporting event or come out and help grill burgers at one of the many school activities. The insights you will gain into Episcopal High School, along with the friendships you will make, will last long after your child graduates. I look forward to seeing you in the fall.


Craig A. Bunk
Foley ‘16, Carter ‘19

18-19 Executive Committee

President: Craig Bunk
Vice President:
Secretary: Scott Podsednik
Treasurer: Jay Rippeto
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