Volunteer Committee Chairs

2019-20 Parents Association Executive Board and Committee Chairs

President – Carolyn Betti
Vice President – Whitney Ogle
Secretary – Blair Manley
Treasurer – Laurence Bragg
Parliamentarian – Sonia Lahoti
Class Parent Rep – Cara Michael

Class Reps/Committee Chairs

For Contact info go to Online Directory or printed Family Directory.

12 Class Rep Shelley Barineau
12 Class Rep Carolyn Betti
12 Class Rep Michelle Nickerson
12 Class Rep Kim Reichert
11 Class Rep Kimberly Miller
11 Spring Luncheon Stacey White
10 Class Rep Tammy Barringer
10 Homecoming Alice Bell
10 Homecoming Carrie Lium
10 Homecoming Jennifer McCormick
10 Homecoming Sheila Neylon
10 Homecoming Mindy Rippstein
10 Spring Luncheon Sue Jensen
9 Class Rep Suzanne Rose
9 Poinsettias Mary Ellen Bos
9 Poinsettias Nicole Eidman
9 Poinsettias Emily Webster
9 Poinsettias Lisa Wendell
9 Concessions - Fall Aly Berlin
9 Concessions - Fall Stacey Henningsen
9 Concessions - Fall Michelle Juden
9 Concessions – Fall Jennifer Thornton
9 Concessions - Winter Lynn Deyo
9 Concessions - Winter Elaine Petrulis
9 Concessions - Winter Elizabeth Russell
9 Concessions - Winter Ann Tuckwood
9 Concessions - Spring Kim Black
9 Concessions - Spring Mary Jones
9 Concessions - Spring Patty Kallmeyer
9 Concessions - Spring Kara Schaefer
9 Spring Luncheon Pepper Edens

Position Name
Academics Amie Canfield
Arts Jay Berckley
(Dean of the Arts)
Athletics Jason Grove
(Athletic Director)
Religion Rev. Beth Holden
(Dean of Spiritual Life)
Altar Guild Shelly Blalock
Kate Brito
Christmas Ornament Elisabeth Dyer

Position Name
PA Care Committee Sabrina Espinoza
Faculty/Staff Appreciation Donna Gaetti
Anna Scholtes
Volunteer Rally Blair Manley
Lorie Herod
Eloise Taussig
Moms in Prayer Linda Fox
Carolyn Betti
Kimberly Miller
Katy Murray
Cecie Turlington
Mentor Moms Katherine Kardesch
Kim Reichert

Position Name
Afternoon Spirit Treats Kay Amendola
Carol Howenstine
Luncheons and Special Events Michele Carlin
Patricia Rorschach
Lisa Reed
Hospitality and Cookies Anne Freeman
Students of Service Mark Raggett
(SOS Faculty)

Position Name
Cookie Break Moms Jen Arntzen
Jennifer Black
Christmas Decor Suzanne Rippeto
Angela Koch
Grounds Donna Gaetti
Staff Relief Volunteers - Trotter Jennifer Gatto
Staff Relief Volunteers – Convent Kay Amendola
HANDS Jo Dickson
Kim Reichert
Library Volunteers Sarka Ziegler