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Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Use by Students

The Episcopal High School Board of Trustees, in keeping with the School’s mission of preparing students for “a significant life,” approved the adoption of a program aimed at achieving a drug- and alcohol-free environment on campus for our students. The EHS program provides for the health and safety of all students. It is based on the premise that random drug testing serves as a deterrent to the use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs and gives students a credible means to resist peer pressure to try, thereby reducing drug experimentation and use. As a proactive and constructive program of prevention, it is not designed to be punitive. Involving both counseling and grace, it provides a ready resource for support and assistance to any student who may be using illegal drugs. Administering a testing program does not imply that our students are not trusted or respected, and while separation from the School community may be the ultimate consequence of multiple positive test results, the program is not intended to identify students for dismissal. Rather, it provides the School the framework to help our students and their parents get counseling and treatment when necessary.

Therefore, recognizing that student drug abuse is a significant health and safety problem impacting adolescents, a Random PLUS Student Drug Testing plan (RPSDT) of deterrence has been instituted as a parallel endeavor to the EHS Parent programs and the Choices high-risk education and counseling program. Among the many problems, substance abuse negatively affects students’ health, behavior, learning, reflexes, and overall development. Substance abuse includes, but is not limited to, the use of illegal or counterfeit controlled substances and the misuse of legal drugs and medications. It is our expectation that with these two proactive, complementary programs, and a united community, Episcopal High School can be a drug-free school.

For more information see the current Student/Parent Handbook
or the Random PLUS Student Drug Testing program (RPSDT) FAQs.