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Student Activities

Each year, Episcopal has a robust offering of student-driven, student-centered, and student-led clubs, honor societies, and organizations. These groups afford students opportunities to explore interests and areas beyond the classroom. Typically, there are over 40 clubs that cover a large range of concentrations including leadership development, service, food, sports, and many others!

Each club, honor society, and organization has a student representative and faculty sponsor who lead these groups throughout the school year to achieve the goals of exposing students to new interests and experiences, collaborate with students with similar interests, and gain experience leading their peers.

Through clubs, honor societies, organizations, and events, EHS offers students opportunities to nurture their interests through inclusive and diverse experiences.

Knight Voices

Reagan J.

Serving as an officer has taught me how to work with others and listen to other ideas and learn from others.

Class of 2024 Vice President

Caterina C.

Being a leader at EHS to me means leading the whole community. When I think of myself as a leader, I believe I am someone who makes decisions for the benefit of our school as a whole, and I love being able to mediate between students and teachers to make the best decisions for the school.

Student Body President (Class of 2022)

Chandler H.

Leadership at EHS means being able to actively support my classmates and their ideas.

Class of 2023 Vice President and TASC D13 Nova Delegate Representative

Rawley L.

I enjoy being in a business club because I learn life skills that I will use throughout my life.

Class of 2021