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Tiffany Thoman, RN 
Clinic Nurse  

COVID-19 TESTING - Only the results from a PCR test for COVID-19 will be accepted.    


Magnus Health
EHS uses Magnus Health Student Medical Record (SMR) to collect student health information. Magnus Health SMR is a secure and easy-to-use website for submitting data. This website allows our school nurse and athletic trainers to securely and efficiently share and update pertinent student health information.

For technical support contact Magnus Health SMR at: 1-877-461-6831, email, or visit

For any other questions or issues, contact School Nurse.

The Drowsy Student
Sleep has been placed near the bottom of student's list of priorities, when actually, it should be at the very top! Sleep is an essential part of life. It is vital to growth and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Lack of sleep affects every aspect of our lives.
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