Student Council


"I want ALL of our students to feel comfortable to be able to ask a question if they have any. I want them TO BE ABLE to SUPPORT. Every voice matters!!! Every voice needs to be heard. And I want to be able to let them speak up and share on what they think can help. "
– Jaquon M. (21) Student Body President
"Student Council is about serving my classmates by listening to their thoughts and projecting them to the administration of EHS. A good leader is only as good as their listening ability "
– Beau E. (22) Class President
"To me, STUCO is a means for me to grow both as an individual, and as a leader. I have had so many incredible opportunities due to STUCO that have helped me connect with my class and help improve the school."
– Ben W. (21) Student Body VP; District 13 Nova Delegate VP
"To me, STUCO means being chosen to lead and present change for the better of our community "
– Cory K. (22) Class VP
"Student Leadership, primarily within Student Council, at Episcopal High School gives students the opportunity to use their voice to advocate for their peers and actively create necessary change in our community to strengthen the school as a whole and promote school spirit and inclusion. Being Class President at Episcopal for the last four years has been not only rewarding, but it has also allowed me to connect with different students across campus and use my voice to serve my classmates and support their needs."
– Gwen R. (21) Senior Class President
"Being a leader in STUCO gives me the responsibility to makes decisions for the school and to promote my classmates’ opinions."
– Lydia B. (23) Class VP