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Student Council


"I have learned the different levels of getting ideas approved and how it is much more complicated than I initially thought. I have been able to connect with likeminded people at our meetings while also connecting with multiple grade levels. I have learned to be patient, to be open to new ideas, and how to properly compromise."
– Craig C. (21) Student Body Secretary
"To me, STUCO means being chosen to lead and present change for the better of our community "
– Cory K. (22) Class VP
"Becoming a StuCo officer has taught me the importance of time management and teamwork. While I had already understood the importance of both of these before being elected, working on the StuCo Executive Board has emphasized their importance. This new sense of responsibility has also helped me in my school work and has changed the way I approach problems outside of school."
– Jazzmin D. (22) Student Body Parliamentarian
"As an officer, I’ve learned how events are planned at EHS as well as the reasoning behind policies I did not understand before."
– Blake S. (22) Senior Class President
"Serving as an officer has enabled me to meet so many new people and have the opportunity to be a part of so many things that I would have never thought I’d be a part of. I have learned the importance of being a community and working together to become the best we can be."
–Reagan G. (24) Class VP