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Junior Parent/Guardian "Brag Sheet"

INSTRUCTIONS: This form must be submitted before you may schedule your child’s Junior Conference. All responses shared with our office will be confidential. Please answer all questions that apply to your student and click the Submit button when you are ready to submit the completed form or click the Save for later to return to complete it later. Keep in mind that the more information you provide, the better informed our office will be in providing the best guidance for your child in this process. Please write in complete thoughts; single adjective responses limit our understanding of your child. Ultimately, the narrative you provide regarding your child is our most valuable tool in crafting his or her letter of recommendation.

It would be most helpful if you shared an anecdote demonstrating this growth.​​​
These may refer to background, home life, life experiences, challenges, exceptional talents, character, etc.​​​​
For example, changes in home environment, learning or physical disabilities, illness, etc.​​​​
We honor and recognize that our experiences shape the character of who we are and hope to become in the world. With this in mind and to the extent you feel comfortable, please share an experience or experiences that affirmed or challenged your child's whole person (mind, heart, and spirit).​​
Please check ALL that apply. ​​

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