Reimagine the future filled with confident and solution-focused thinkers. That’s what we dream about every day at EHS as we educate the leaders of tomorrow. EHS is committed to developing the whole child by offering a world-class education anchored by Four Pillars: deep faith, transformative arts, fearless athletics, and innovative academics. The possibilities for creative exploration are for all EHS students.

Arts and innovation are thriving at Episcopal High School, but we lack a high-caliber arts complex to match the excellence of our curriculum and peer schools. EHS offers one of the most robust arts programs of any high school, public or private, in the Houston area. For many EHS students, our curriculum offers their first exposure to the arts. Whether in the photography dark room, ceramics class, dance studio, or on stage, all EHS students gain enhanced appreciation for creative and collaborative learning, innovative and critical thinking skills–and sometimes even a new lifelong passion or career.

For more information, contact Ned Smith, Head of School, at (713) 512-3400 or by email.


EHS requires four semesters of fine arts classes—and more than 80% of students choose to take arts classes all four years!

Even though our top-notch faculty use their own creative abilities to deliver a high-quality learning experience, they are limited by spaces that are not properly configured or equipped. For example:

  • The band hall was originally a library, and then a wrestling room. The acoustics are not suitable for band or orchestra rehearsal.
  • Teaching spaces are scattered throughout the campus, making collaborative projects nearly impossible.
  • Classrooms are located in the renovated Convent with low ceilings, poor lighting, cramped classrooms, inefficient locations, and no storage.
  • EHS has an acclaimed theater program, but we are forced to turn away 15 to 20 students for each production, because there is just not enough space.

The New Visual and Performing Arts
Complex will:

Provide state-of-the-art flexible learning spaces, built and designed with the latest technology for media arts, production design, performances, music instruction, and studio arts.

  • Inspire creative energy and cross-curricular collaboration, with bright and innovative teaching spaces.
  • Showcase student work with the appreciation and respect the quality deserves.
  • Enhance parent programming in a medium-sized venue equipped for parent education, guest speakers, and college placement workshops.
  • Improve meeting spaces for grade-level learning, Choices classes, and more.
  • Add 65,000-square-feet of new and renovated space to accommodate more than 50 Arts Pillar courses.

Will You Lead the Way? The Time Is Now!

A committee of EHS parents, chaired by Jenna and Harris Junell and co-chaired by Butch Mach, is asking families, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, and friends to support a $25 million capital campaign to fund the new Visual and Performing Arts Complex.

Committed families have always led the way at EHS. We stand on the shoulders of the generation before us, whose time and treasure built the school that we know and love. Now it is our turn to lead. Your gift ensures that EHS students, present and future, will have facilities that reflect the excellence of our mission. Please give generously.

Kind regards,
Ned Smith, Head of School

For more information, contact Ned Smith, Head of School, at (713) 512-3400 or by email.