Reopening FAQ

The School put together a list of questions and answers most likely on the top of your mind for the ’21-’22 school year. This document will be updated throughout the school year. We invite you to send us questions to Thank you for your active engagement as we continue to navigate protocols and help #KnightsFightCovid.

1. How will the School make protocol and guidance decisions?

The School's leadership team will continue to make all decisions regarding our COVID policies and practices. Our consultants from Houston Methodist will continue to provide guidance and advice on the safe implementation of these decisions.

2. Are masks required?

Masks will be optional both indoors and outdoors at EHS for the foreseeable future. Please continue to respect those students and adults who prefer to wear a mask.

3. Will the COVID vaccine be mandatory for students, faculty, and staff?

COVID vaccines remain optional for students and faculty. Our decision relies primarily on the wide availability of COVID vaccines for which all in our community are eligible as well as our respect for individual choice in matters of health care. We continue to recommend that all who can get vaccinated do so.  

4. Will daily health attestations remain?

We will no longer require daily health attestations.

5. What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. Per the CDC, people with the following symptoms may have COVID-19:

·       Fever or chills

·       Cough

·       Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

·       Fatigue

·       Muscle or body aches

·       Headache

·       New loss of taste or smell

·       Sore throat

·       Congestion or runny nose

·       Nausea or vomiting

·       Diarrhea

6What is the protocol when a student tests positive for COVID-19?

·       Students who test positive and are symptomatic must quarantine for 10 days from the first positive test and must be fever-free for twenty-four hours without fever-reducing medication to return to school.

·       Students who test positive and are asymptomatic must quarantine for 10 days after the first positive COVID-19 test.

·       If a student tests positive, the parent must report the positive result to the School Nurse who is required to report it to the Harris County Health Department.

 7Who will be notified of a positive test result?

Each week the School will update the dashboard on the parent portal with the number of positives and quarantines. When there is a positive case at school or a school-related event, the School Nurse will determine if there are others who have been in close contact and notify the parents. Those who are unvaccinated will have to quarantine. (See #9)

 8. What determines close contact?

A student is within close contact if he or she is unmasked within six feet for 15 minutes or more in a 24-hour period. This excludes students who are within three to six feet of a COVID positive student if both the positive COVID student and the exposed student(s) are wearing masks.

9. Will quarantine for exposure be different for vaccinated and unvaccinated students? 

·       Asymptomatic vaccinated students who have been in close contact with a COVID positive individual will not have to quarantine. They should monitor for symptoms for 14 days after the exposure.

·       Symptomatic vaccinated students who have been in close contact with a COVID positive individual should immediately self-isolate and notify the School Nurse.

·       Unvaccinated students who have been in close contact will have to quarantine. The options for quarantine are below.

  •   14-Day Quarantine Option

       o   Students must quarantine for 14 days. No PCR test is required unless COVID-19 related symptom(s) develop. The student must be cleared by the School Nurse to return. The earliest day of return is on Day 15 of quarantine.

  •  7-Day Quarantine Option

      o   Students must quarantine for 7 days and get a PCR test on Day 5 of quarantine. A negative result of a PCR test must be submitted to the School Nurse, who will clear the student. The earliest day of return is on Day 8 of quarantine.

10. What will the class schedules look like?

We return to the regular weekly class schedule. In addition, there will be three fully virtual class days per semester, allowing for ongoing practice in important technology skills and greater flexibility for school and family on those days.   

11. Will the student body and faculty gather daily in Chapel?

The student body and faculty will gather for daily Chapel. Masks are required in the Chapel, and we will sit by advisory groups.

12. What’s new from the Religion Pillar?

We are initiating a Service Achievement Program and continuing monthly Parent Forum lunchtime presentations.

We will begin a new program called "Parenting in Faith." On the first Wednesday of every month, parents are invited to join us in the Chapel for a short 7:30 a.m. service of the Holy Eucharist. This will also be open to students, faculty, and staff.