The Value of a Religion Pillar

The very fact that Episcopal High School has Religion as one of its four pillars tells us something significant about our founders’ commitment to creating a school community that cares about more than the knowledge and skills we can pour into our students. Our school cares deeply about how our students are making their way through life’s obstacle course… what our students see and believe about their own roles in God’s creation and redemption of our world… and whether our students are learning to live humbly and compassionately, aware of the needs of those around them and eager to step up to offer their hands and hearts in service. We want our students to believe that they are lovable, they are divinely loved, and they are valued for who they are and what they can bring to a world that can be both beautiful and broken.

Live a life that matters.

You have a place in this world. Only God knows what that is for each of us. To find it, we seek God, individually and in community. Every day at EHS, our whole community comes together to pause, reflect, pray, seek God, and be strengthened. We contemplate what it means for each of us to lead lives of significance. Then we share our faith with one another and with others throughout our community. Our faith stands out in all that we do at EHS. Where will your faith lead you?


That’s the number of hours our seniors volunteered on the weekends and after school in just one year. Service is at the heart of the EHS experience; we won’t require it from you, but we will inspire it in you.

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“Chapel is like a whole school conversation. It’s my favorite part of the day.”
– EHS student
“It’s rare for a school to have a time each day when the whole community pauses and shares a quiet moment together.”
– Religion Staff
“Chapel is like a compass for us in our daily lives.”
– EHS student

Our Pastoral Care program is designed to ensure that students feel supported. We want them to leave here with a sense of purpose, belonging, and direction.

– Beth Holden, Chaplain and Religion faculty