Parenting in Faith

Parenting in Faith is a monthly gathering for parents interested in exploring what it means to be both a child of God and a parent of God’s children.

On the first Wednesdays of the month, this group gathers in the chapel with the Reverends Beth Holden and Art Callaham, to share and learn together about the intersection of faith and parenting. Moms and dads are invited to come at 7:30 AM for a short Eucharist with some of our faculty, staff, and students, enjoy coffee, juice, and donuts afterwards, and then join the 30-minute Parenting in Faith discussion from 8:00-8:30. Parents may come and go during the meetings as needed and are welcome to join the group at any time of the year. The purpose of Parenting in Faith is to offer parents an opportunity to gather in God’s name to learn and share their parenting journeys together.

This year, we will explore the series of short books following Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s Way of Love, using them as a starting point for reflecting on our own spirituality and considering how we live our faith within our families.

September 1   Introduction to The Way of Love

October 6        The Way of Love: TURN

“Turning” involves pausing, listening, and turning toward the way of truth, love, hope, justice, and freedom. In turning, we follow Christ.

November 3   The Way of Love: LEARN

“Learning” highlights the importance of reading and reflecting on scripture every day. In so doing, we draw nearer to God.

December 1    The Way of Love: PRAY

The spiritual practice of “Prayer” refers to inviting and dwelling in God’s loving presence.

January 5        The Way of Love: WORSHIP

The spiritual practice of “Worship” is to gather in community to thank, praise, and offer the brokenness of the world to God. As we break bread together, our eyes are opened to the presence of Christ among us.

February 2      The Way of Love: BLESS

To “Bless” is to practice generosity and compassion, blessing everyone we meet, and proclaiming the Good News of God in Christ with hopeful words and selfless actions.

March 2          (Ash Wednesday) The Way of Love: GO

The spiritual practice of “Going Forth” is to be sent by Christ to witness to the love, justice, and truth of God with our lips and with our lives, humbly listening and offering healing and hope.

April 6             The Way of Love: REST

“Resting” means dedicating time for restoration, peace, and refreshment of body, mind, and spirit.

May 4              Wrap-up and conclusion