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Parenting in Faith

On the first Wednesday of the month, join us in the Bishop’s Parlor at 7:45 for coffee and donuts, followed by the Parenting in Faith class from 8:00-8:30. Parents may come and go during the meetings as needed and are welcome to join the group at any time of the year.

For the 2023-2024 school year, the chaplains will present ideas from the books, Parent Wellness COMPASS: Outfitting for the Journey and The Teen COMPASS: Faith and Wellness, as a starting point for discussion. The books explore the idea of wellness, looking specifically at spirituality, stress resilience, relationships, rest and play, handling emotions, organization, school and work, and care for the body. Authors Holly Hughes Stoner and D. Scott Stoner are the Co-Executive Directors of the Samaritan Family Wellness Foundation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs). Participants in the Parenting in Faith class do not need to purchase the books in order to be part of the class.

September 6: Introduction to the Living Compass – Parenthood can be likened to a wilderness. Why go it alone? Gain a fresh take on equipping yourself for the journey and learn what the living compass

– appealing to our heart, soul, mind, and strength – has to offer us in our wayfinding.

October 4: Organization – the process of taking stock of and being good stewards of our possessions, money and time

November 1: Stress Resilience - the ability to function and deal healthily with life’s challenges

December 6: Relationships - How well do we create and take care of healthy, life-giving connections with others?

January 10: Spirituality - the cultivating and regular practice of “a strong personal value system and a meaningful purpose in life”

February 7: Work and School - living fully into our various roles: spouse/parent/employee, student/child; and owning mutual responsibility between work, home and school

March 6: Handling Emotions - discussing constructive ways to deal with the full range of emotions experienced under the roof of a single household and asking ourselves, “What emotional wellness are we modeling for our children?”

April 3: Care for the Body - How might adopting an understanding of our bodies as sacred vessels, influence the choices we make that affect it and the ones we love most?

May 1: Rest and Play - addressing the ongoing search for balance between rest, work and play in busy times