Episcopal High School provides professional pastoral care for students and families facing difficulties, crises, or spiritual and emotional challenges.

Parents can always contact the Dean of Spritual Life or Chaplain to discuss their youth's well-being or family matters that they are facing. We are here to help!


EHS offers additional support and counseling resources. 

The Advisory system places all students in small groups with faculty members - advisors - who meet with them weekly. The advisor remains the same through students' four-year EHS journey, to provide guidance, support, and encouragement.

EHS students are surrounded by our team of caring teachers, coaches, advisors, grade-level deans, priests and counselors.

Dean of Spiritual Life and Chaplain: The Dean of Spiritual Life and Chaplain offer pastoral care to our EHS community, including students, parents, faculty and staff. The Dean of Spiritual Life and Chaplain get to know all students through daily chapel and on-campus interactions throughout the school day. Contact The Rev. Beth Holden at; 713-512-3484.

Deans of Students: The Principal and the Grade Level Deans are available to assist parents and students with daily life concerns of students inside and outside the classroom. The deans help students navigate the challenging experiences of high school:

Principal, Mr. Kim Randolph, at or 713-512-3465

9th Grade-Level Dean, Mr. Eric Lerch, at or 713-512-3690

10th Grade-Level Dean, Mrs. Meghan Moake, at or 713-512-3461

11th Grade-Level Dean, Mr. Mark Mitchell, at or 713-512-3469

12th Grade-Level Dean, Mrs. Jessica Adams, at or 713-470-5035

School Psychologist: Dr. Beth Fowler is the EHS Staff Psychologist. She is 
available to see students, parents, and staff for consultation and brief 
counseling. For appointments, call 713-824-2113 or Her office is co-located in the school clinic in the Chapel, behind the altar wall, and can be accessed through the Transept. Dr. Fowler's services are provided free for EHS families and staff. On occasion, EHS will recommend that a student see Dr. Fowler. If you do not want your child to be seen by Dr. Fowler, please notify her at the contact information listed above. 

School Nurse: Mrs. Connie Thomas assists with students who become ill during the day, contacting parents as needed, and coordinates between the school and parents regarding extended medical absences. The school clinic is located in the Chapel, behind the altar area, and can be accessed through the Transept. Contact Connie Thomas, RN at or 713-512-3403.

Academic Dean: The Academic Dean assists parents and students with academic matters, such as advice concerning course selection and help in structuring a program that best meets the needs and abilities of each student. Contact Academic Dean, Mrs. Nancy Eisenberg at or 713-512-3412.

Academic Assistance: The Academic Assistance Program (AAP) provides support, as determined by the School, for students who need help with academic skills. From general difficulty with motivation or organization, to specifically diagnosed learning disabilities, AAP can step in to help students get back on track, offer skill training, mentoring, monitoring, and/or arrange for special accommodations in testing and in the classroom. Based upon educational testing documentation, students may request the services of one of two approved language learning specialists during the school day. Contact Ms. Jenny Cantrell (, Director of Academic Assistance 

Choices Counselor: Ms. Mary, Secrest, is the Choices Counselor at EHS. Choices is a partnership between Episcopal High School and the Council on Recovery. She is on campus full-time, and available to see students and parents for consultation and professional counseling. For appointments, contact her at This service is provided free of charge to all EHS students and their families.

Want to Talk?

Dean of Spiritual Life:
The Rev. Beth Holden or

Choices Counselor:
Ms. Mary Frances Secrest or

Mr. Kim Randolph or

Senior Grade Level Dean:
Mrs. Jessica Adams or

Junior Grade Level Dean:

Mr. Mark Mitchell or

Sophomore Grade Level Dean:
Mrs. Meghan Moake or

Freshman Grade Level Dean:
Mr. Eric Lerch or

Assistant Grade Level Dean—11th & 12th:
Ms. Shelly Edmonds or

Assistant Grade Level Dean—9th & 10th:
Ms. Ashley Saunders or

Director Of Community And Inclusion:
Mr. Wayne Jones or 713-512-3469

Academic Assistance Program Director:
Mrs. Jenny Cantrell or

Math Support Instructor:
Mr. Dan Murphy or

School Psychologist:
Dr. Beth Fowler or