Choices Program

Choices Mission

The Council on Recovery Choices Program and EHS in partnership aim to reduce high-risk behavior through a comprehensive education and counseling program involving all members of the school community: students, parents, faculty, and staff.

We work together for in‐depth understanding of the particular needs and issues of the school’s community. We focus on reducing risk by education and skills-based strategies to increase the use of executive function skills.

The on-site, full-time Choices Counselor is integrated into our community to provide seamless education, counseling and support. The Choices Counselor serves as a consultant and advisor for staff and faculty to better understand, identify, and develop strategies for working with those demonstrating high-risk behaviors. Our goal is to reduce stigma for counseling and support and increase empathy within our community.

You can reach the Choices Counselor below:
Mary Secrest, LMSW, LCDC

Choices Counselor, Episcopal High School

713-512-3481 or email

Confidentiality: All comments, questions, or concerns remain confidential.