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Senior Outreach

Senior Outreach is a two-week volunteer program for EHS seniors in January. Each senior is assigned to an outreach site, where they take a deep dive into serving that particular community, as they spend all day with them, every day, for those two weeks. Many of our seniors serve at schools, working with children with special needs, living in under-served neighborhoods, or considered at-risk. Others from our senior class serve at shelters or other social service agencies throughout the Houston area. Their service does great good for our community but also makes a profound impact on our seniors themselves.

Senior Outreach Coordinator

Mike Donnelly

EHS Student
“Chapel is like a whole school conversation. It’s my favorite part of the day.”
– EHS student
Religion Staff
“It’s rare for a school to have a time each day when the whole community pauses and shares a quiet moment together.”
– Religion Staff
EHS Student
“Chapel is like a compass for us in our daily lives.”
– EHS student