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SOS is run by a dedicated team of over 30 students, with the help and support of the EHS faculty. If you would like to join our team please fill out an application.

2019-2020 Executive Cabinet

Prime Minister - Rosalind Coats

As Prime Minister of SOS, I oversee the managers of each year-long partnership and help to plan, organize, and recruit volunteers for each project.

Service has always been a significant part of my life, but SOS has truly enhanced my love for it. Through SOS, I have not only learned of the hardship facing thousands of Houstonians right now, but I have also been granted the opportunity to help those in need and make a real difference in the community.

My most impactful service experience has been through SOS’s partnership with The Beacon. The time I spent at the Beacon truly opened my eyes to the adversity that Houston’s homeless face, helping me to better appreciate my blessings in life. My experience with SOS has given me the leadership skills that I need to improve others’ lives, and I know these skills will serve me well at EHS and beyond.

Deputy Prime Minister - Natalie Wayne

As the Deputy Prime Minister for SOS, I help organize each project that goes up on the EHS website, and take care of a lot of the behind the scenes organization. I help and support all of the secretaries for each partnership.

Service is very important to me because it is we are called to give back to others and open our eyes to other aspects of life that we do not regularly see. It is a wonderful way to get involved in the community and to help our society.

Communication Minister - Anabel Kirton

Media Minister - Brennan Howell

As the Media Minister, I am in charge of photos, videos, and bulletin boards to publicize the amazing things going on with SOS!

Service is so important to me because of the effect it has on people's lives, no matter how little or big the task. It is amazing because it allows people to spread joy and love throughout a community.

Special Events Minister - Parker Nickerson

Within SOS, I am one of the two Co-Ministers for the Special Events Cabinet. I, along with Grace Beasley, have the honor of working with fifteen EHS students in planning numerous, one-time Special Event Projects on and off campus throughout the school year. Some of my favorite special events are Challenger Football, Race for the Cure, and new this year, the 39th Annual Star of Hope Food, Clothing, and Toy drive.

Ever since Freshman Service Day (and even before), I was able to see that community service was not only a great way to help give back, but also great to learn important life skills, widen my perspective on society, and meet so many fun people.

Special Events Minister - Grace Beasley

As an SOS Special Events minister, I help plan all of our special events for the year. Along with Parker Nickerson and the 15 cabinet members, we will oversee around 20 service projects across Houston throughout the year. Extensive planning and organizing goes into each project and since no project is alike any other, all members of special events have the ability and freedom to take on service projects that embody their passions.

Growing up, I was told to count my blessings and always knew I had so many things to be grateful for. However, it wasn’t until freshman year that I truly understood how blessed I am. I began attending service projects and fell in love with helping others. I grew special connections with the children at The Nehemiah Center and throughout my time at EHS have also grown immensely in my desire to serve. Service is fundamental for me and I hope to make an impact on even just one person.

Service Projects

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