14-18 Strategic Plan

It is a best practice for independent schools to periodically step back from the demands of day-to-day business, look ahead to the future, and create a new strategic plan. In 2013, after successfully completing an ambitious capital campaign that allowed us to transform the Episcopal High School campus, we knew it was time to take stock and consider the next steps forward for our school.

We embarked on a strategic planning process that allowed us to seek input from every one of our school's constituencies, reflect, and create a blueprint to guide us for the next five years. We worked with nonprofit consultants Sterling Associates and MCV Consulting throughout the process. They interviewed 56 EHS leaders, conducted three broad stakeholder surveys, guided us through a process to map our history as an institution, and facilitated an all-day retreat for our Executive Committee and Board of Trustees to chart our path forward. We share this plan with you here, along with a good deal of valuable information gathered through the process.

The planning process revealed all that we have created at Episcopal High School since our inception, and helped us understand that we are in a position of strength today. Our goals, therefore, reflect a commitment to perpetual improvement and a desire to become an even stronger school. We are indebted to many people for the plan contained here.

Please click on the image to the right to read through the Strategic Plan and our focus areas for the next several years.

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