EHS "Windows" Email Newsletter

The 2019-2020 school year is here! There are many events and news items to publicize, so we'd like to share the Communications Department Guidelines. Thanks for helping #KnightsStandOut!

Weekly Windows 2019-2020 Deadlines

Windows is a weekly online newsletter to EHS parents that features news and reminders about upcoming events. Please submit articles, info, or Reminders on the Wednesday (by 4:00 p.m.) prior to the Monday issue in which you want your news to appear.

Submissions and Photo Requests

Send all news, articles, and announcements as a Microsoft Word document and attach to an email.
Format submissions in simple text without decorative fonts, colors, or layout.

Fact-check names, dates, and include contact information. We have a detailed EHS Style Guide, where you can find editorial style tips and our logos and graphic standards: Faculty & Staff Central

Submissions should be sent to Director of Communications Claire Fletcher at Call 713-470-5024 if you have any questions regarding your submission.

Web news/updates/social media: Please notify Claire Fletcher or Webmaster Mauro Gomez at least 24 hours in advance for page updates and edits. Allow 48 hours for news articles to be written and posted. English faculty member Emma Lyders posts academic news to Facebook.

Photography Requests: Send requests for photography at least 48 hours in advance of your event. Thanks!

Graphic Design and Print Guidelines

Design: Please provide EHS Communications one month's notice for the design of posters and postcards (or 6 weeks' notice if you plan to mail via Post Office). All content must be complete, spell-checked, fact-checked, and typed in a Word document as you wish it to appear on the final designed piece.

Printing: Projects require at least 7-10 business days at the printer. Plan extra time for holidays.

Mailing: If using nonprofit postage, please indicate in your design plan. After a project has been printed, allow at least 3 days for the mail house to sort, and then 5 days for local mailings. At Christmastime, this process will take much longer.

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